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recruitment process outsourcing (rpo)

Jet Professionals provides end-to-end staffing support for an all-in-one monthly fixed cost.* Reduce your operational complexity, cost and risk. You’ll have access to a wide range of Jet Professionals' staffing services. And with a predictable cost, you’ll be able to more accurately budget for your new hires. Your customizable RPO solution includes:

  • Sourcing – Proven strategies for filling specific or niche positions
  • Screening – Efficient resumes and application management
  • Interviewing – A thorough interview process that narrows down the field to a short list of qualified candidates
  • Assessments – Scenario based tests to assess a candidate’s competence in dealing with a specific part of the job
  • Compliance Checks – Includes drug testing and background and credit checks
  • Applicant Scheduling – Working within your schedule and optimizing your opportunity to meet with candidates
  • Administrative Detail – Proper and detailed recordkeeping throughout the entire recruitment process
  • Post-Hiring – Coordinating all activities including paperwork, additional screening (if necessary), background and reference checks, relocation and the candidate rejection process

Our expert staff will work with you to understand your operational goals and develop a staff that complements each other, while working to build your bottom line. This exclusive program reduces traditional recruiting fees significantly compared to other placement programs.